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34" Tall Set of 2 Metallic Painted Peacocks

Item: ZR801005
34" Tall Set of 2 Metallic Painted Peacocks

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Embrace the beauty and elegance of the peacock without the obnoxious noise. Our 34" Tall Set of Metallic Peacocks are hand-painted to perfection and crafted from high quality iron. From their celebrated plumage on the tops of their heads, to the long flowing feathers of their tails, these peacocks are here to turn heads.

- Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, all year round

- Powder coated iron for superior protection against elements

- Handcrafted and hand-painted with attention to details such as textures and colors

- Can stand on its own or be staked into the ground

- Captivating metallic finish glistens under the sun

* We recommend using a clear over spray to prevent possible fading/discoloration

Product Dimensions: Peacock #1: 20" L. x 8" W. x 34" H.; Peacock #2: 14" L. x 8" W. x 34" H.

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Additional Information

SKU ZR801005