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Vintage Style Motorcycle Gear Shaped Clock "Born Free"

Item: VA612417-3
Vintage Style Motorcycle Gear Shaped Clock "Born Free"

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Born Free and Born to Ride! Make sure you're on time for the next ride with your buddies with this Vintage Style Motorcycle Clock "Born Free". Our Motorcycle Clock collection stands alone compared to other models on the market for various reasons... it's made of iron instead of plastic so it's tough just like the hog it's showcasing (and it's rider) and deciding to forego the customary plain circle shape, this clock is designed to look like a gear. For added measure, a string of LED lights outlines as well as illuminates the face of the clock with a simple on/off switch located on the side. It's eye-catching as well as functional and sure to be a hit for all motorcycle lovers. Hangs easily on any wall whether it's in your home, garage, or business, measuring approx. 15" in diameter.
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Zusätzliche Information

Artikelposition VA612417-3