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Zaza Ergemlidze

Zaza Stores is the official retailer for everything Zaer Ltd. International and Lesera. We founded Zaer Ltd. as a brand in 1995 and soon became a leading manufacturing and wholesale corporation providing to hundreds of business across North America, Europe, China, and South America. Our main headquarters and warehouse is located approximately 45 miles North of Philadelphia in scenic Bucks County. Through our hard work, perseverance and passion, we are proud to present unique home and garden décor, all designed and manufactured with special care by highly skilled craftsmen. Many of our pieces are "one of a kind" and every one is made from the finest materials. With the success of our wholesale establishment, we opened Zaza Stores in 2015 with the hopes of bringing our fabulous products straight to you, the consumer. We're excited to continue on this journey, creating and designing the best home and garden décor that you desire.

Thank you for selecting us for all your home and garden needs!